Welcome to Little Pom Prints. My dogs are all raised in the house. They are pets first then breeders. I strive to raise quality Pomeranians by A.K.C. standards. Pomeranians are amazing little dogs which are full of love and joy to give to their new owners. My baby room is in the center of my house. That way I can interact with them all day & night. I have all wood floors so I can let the puppies run and play. And it is easier to keep clean. My puppies are socialized with children and are kennel trained. All of my dogs get love and attention every single day. They are not in an outside kennel or in a faraway enclosure. I do not think Pomeranians make good outdoor pets.

        I thought of my kennel name Little Pom Prints because every time I mopped my floors the dogs would come in and leave little paw prints all over the freshly mopped floor. So I thought it was appropriate to name it after their dirty work.

        I purchased my first Pomeranian puppy from a pet shop once I moved out on my own. I didn’t know about breeders then. I wish I would have. My puppy was sick for almost four months. Everything was wrong with him and he wasn’t very socialized due to living at the pet shop so long. He came out of it quickly with T.L.C. When I decided to get him a playmate I knew I wasn’t getting one from a pet shop. A friend suggested visiting a breeder and researching it online. My eyes were opened to new world and I knew that is what I wanted to do with my life. I enjoy watching new life being born into the world. And finding a great home for the puppies.

        God has blessed me in many ways. I can do what I love and spend more time with my dogs, family & friends. God gives these special lives to us to touch many people in different ways. They can help relieve stress, and be therapeutic. Dogs are so amazing that they sense when you are sick or sad and can make you feel better.

        My puppies are life long companions. They need love, attention and a place to live out their lives as a part of your family. They are special gifts from God and should be treated as such. I do not sell my puppies to puppy mills, brokers or pet shops.

        My dogs are not barkers or mean. I raise them to be quiet, loving and calm. They are socialized with children and kennel trained. The way you train them is most importantly be consistent. If they are barking and/or whining do not go to them; pick them up when they are quiet. They will learn that is how to get your attention. If you pick them up when they are barking they will think that is how to get your attention and continue to do that. Treat them like children; if a child throws a temper tantrum and gets what they want. They will do it every time. Puppies are the same. They learn by what you expect from them.

        If you are buying a puppy from me from out of state; shipping arrangements can be made. All puppies and adults will be seen and obtain a health record by a licensed veterinarian. They will be up to date on vaccinations, worming and etc.

        Please feel free to contact me by email or phone. Thank you.

Shereana Stanforth
home (419)-253-0990
cell (614)-206-0059